One Day

Penny Chenery, Barbara Livingston & Jorge Valesquez are highlighted in our new award-winning documentary, “One Day.”  

A documentary about a teenage girl who falls in love with a champion racehorse she sees on tv and how 21 years later, fate brings them together.

A dThis film tells the story of famed thoroughbred, Our Mims, the 1977 Eclipse Award Champion 3-year-old Filly. Jeanne Mirabito makes a "cosmic claim” on the horse and vows one day she will “own” her. 21 years later, she is in the backfield of a cattle farm in Kentucky when she hears a horse thundering towards her. The horse rears up, kicks at her head and nearly kills her. It’s Our Mims, no longer the champion she once was. Jeanne struggles to restore her health and wins the right to adopt her. Together they form a bond that leaves behind a legacy – Our Mims Retirement Haven. Written, produced and directed by Victoria. NOW available on BluRay.  Click to purchase.