The Opera

Victoria is a partner in Racimo/Goldfarb Productioins in developing an opera based on the classic film ON THE WATERFRONT.


A stunning new opera will be created based on essential elements of the Academy Award winning film, ON THE WATERFRONT. Victoria Racimo, has partnered with Phil Goldfarb to form Racimo/Goldfarb Productions which holds the rights to developing an opera based on the property.

"On the Waterfront: the Opera" is filled with emotionally powerful elements of mythic tragedy and redemption. The story of Terry Malloy and Edie Doyle, the perilous nature of their love set against the background of corruption and betrayal, is the heartbeat of our opera.

The time is the mid 1950’s when mob controlled docks were facts of life -- and death -- and the McCarthy era was silencing voices of dissent. The world’s greatest harbor is controlled by thugs who wield “limitless” power. Terry comes face to face with the moral quandary that will ultimately define his character. At the beginning of the opera, Terry is a man with a diminished soul. In the end, the journey he takes from those early moments to the final notes, galvanizes and determines what's possible and good in human nature. He becomes a staggeringly heroic and noble character. This powerful tale presents an extraordinary opportunity to create a unique American operatic experience.