Blue Moon: From the Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee

From the interactive story telling app "The Journals of Mama Mae and LeeLee", Blue Moon, co-written by Victoria is an inspirational and magical tale of discovery created by Grammy Award-winning artist Alicia Keys, and was inspired by her childhood relationship with her own grandmother.

Blue Moon introduces readers to young and imaginative LeeLee, who just moved to the big city, and her magical grandmother, Mama Mae. To help LeeLee adjust to her new home, Mama Mae tells her the story of Abey, a young Native American girl from the 17th century, and her adventurous yet magical evening when she too wasn't sure of her surroundings.  Click to purchase book.

Alicia Keys: Journal of Mama Mae

Grammy Award-Winning artist ALICIA KEYS presents “Journals of Mama Mae
& LeeLee,” an immersive storytelling experience featuring exclusive music & engaging activities. 


Join LeeLee, an eight-year-old girl facing everyday challenges with the help of her wise grandmother, Mama Mae (voiced by award-winning actress Della Reese). 

LeeLee embarks on a magical adventure where she learns about music, makes new friends and discovers herself.


Victoria co-wrote the first story, "Blue Moon" for this exciting new interactive app, which was launched November 2012.

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