The Filmmakers

Following the success of their first feature, CASI CASI, (the award-winning film which Victoria sold to HBO), PEG managed the development of the following projects by the Valles brothers.

Carlos witnesses his father, a weapons trafficker, commit a murder. In exchange for the life of his pregnant girlfriend, Carlos is sworn to secrecy and sent away to join the army. His girlfriend is then forced to marry his father to keep appearances and continue the high profile image of the political powers that be. Four years later, Carlos returns to exact revenge.

A teenage boy, Rafael, has just been told he is terminally ill. He is determines to enjoy what's left of his life, and is reluctant to accept the treatment that his mother forces on him. On the highway, they get stuck in a traffic jam. He sees a bloody hand reach out the rear window of a van ahead of them. It struggles for the door handle. Rafael, fearless, with "nothing to lose", due to his illness, takes action and tries to rescue whoever is inside. When he tries to open the door, he unleashes a Pandora's box. He sets the way for Valerie, a vampire in transport, to escape onto the crowded highway. The transport is commandeered by Helen, a ruthless scientist hunting down the remaining vampires on Earth. Rafael must now confront Helen and her team. What actions he decides to do could save many lives, including his own.

Award-winning Puerto Rican comedic actress Marian Pabón takes the stage in this Spanish-language stand-up special, the first part of a proposed late-night adult comedy series. Marian rants about the things that drive her up the wall. Marian uses her trademark slang and spitfire attitude, telling real-life anecdotes and stories: her dentist visits, the inefficiencies of tampons, and her boyfriend's incessant snoring. Marian is emerging as the female Latina comedian to watch.


JAIME and TONY VALLÉS (Writers-Directors) are carving a niche in
exportable Spanish-language films from their native Puerto Rico.

Their first feature, the teen comedy Casi casi, garnered acclaim
across the nation, from the Philadelphia Film Festival to the San
Diego Latino Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award. Casi
casi was then acquired by HBO for distribution on DVD and through
their premium cable channels, including HBO Latino and HBO Signature.

After graduating from Ivy League universities (Jaime from Cornell in
Fine Arts; Tony from Princeton in Italian Literature), they helped
created the Prospect Theater Company in New York City, which is in its
14th year of producing new musicals. In addition to working behind
the scenes, Tony and Jaime have sung in the chorus of the New York
City Opera at Lincoln Center over the last eleven years. Their artistic
DNA is inherited from their grandfather, Mario Pabón, a legend of the
Puerto Rican television and film industries, and their aunt, Marian
Pabón, one of the island’s finest actresses.

Tony’s diverse artistic background and love of film combined with
Jaime’s training in the visual and performing arts are a perfect match
for bringing their vision to the silver screen.