By Diane Tennant (November 13, 2012)


When the executive producer of "Lincoln" wants a goat, he wants it now, and TanNa Young can deliver.

Young, who lives in Williamsburg, managed special projects for the movie, which opens Friday in Hampton Roads.

As Young recalls it, one of the film's executive producers said one day, "I need a goat. I need a Virginia goat that can pull 50 pounds, and I need it tomorrow. Make it happen."

She did.

Her "Lincoln" work focused on producing two theater scenes - and not the theater you first think of when Abe is involved. The movie includes a scene from the opera "Faust" and from "Aladdin." Young worked alongside Williamsburg resident Victoria Racimo, who directed those theater sequences.

Young talked her way into the "Lincoln" job, her first in the film industry, with her background in New York arts and opera. She sealed the deal with quick research, complete with photos and illustrations, on the way the shows were staged in 1865.

"I was on set for six months, from start to finish," Young said in a phone interview from New York, where she is working on the "Golden Boy" TV series.

She hasn't seen the finished film, but she expects the theater scenes to last maybe 60 seconds of the 2-1/2-hour movie. That's after six months of 12-hour days, which included special projects that were tossed at her unexpectedly.

"I won't even tell you about the time they wanted rats," she said.